Soccer Cleats

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Soccer Cleats

Soccer is a game of non-stop action, a competition where cardio endurance is just as critical to your performance as skill. To stay in the game you've got to find a way to stay on your feet, and Modell's has the answer for you with game-changing, elite-class soccer cleats. Kick into second gear with a variety of classic brands and styles for men, women and children at every level of competition.

The latest innovations in modern soccer cleats put a huge emphasis on difference-making features that enhance traction, agility and control on the field. Brands are moving towards a design that allows players to move effortlessly across any playing surface, whether it be a traditional field, an artificial turf or an indoor playing surface.

When shopping for new soccer cleats, keep in mind that your next pair should be designed to survive the elements. This means a cleat made of durable materials, but also can prove breathable. Air-flow through upper mesh or perforated material can keep your feet dryer for longer, in the brutal summer heat or through a rainy, muddy match.

Speed and agility are a must on the soccer field. Low-profile cleats with a glove-tight fit will provide peak performance during play. A strong, synthetic upper cleat is an excellent all-around option for achieving this type of fit.

Modern soccer cleats dig effortlessly into any surface for optimal traction. If you're playing on a traveling team that deals with a multitude of conditions, molded rubber and plastic cleats grant a high degree of versatility.

Find your first or next great pair of soccer cleats by shopping with Modell's. Host to top brands like PUMA and Nike, Modell's has established the finest collection of soccer cleats so you can thrive on the field and score the next big goal.