The right pair of running shoes can make all the difference on your morning jog or at the starting line of the big race. Footwear technology is constantly changing to increase durability, stability and comfort so that you can work your hardest to set a new fast time. Modell’s works with top industry manufacturers to curate a collection of the finest running shoes to keep your strides long and lightweight.

Check out all of the latest running shoe styles at Modell’s, available in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes. We carry running shoes for every performance level, from those just getting into jogging as a light hobby, to competition and marathon runners.

Shop industry-defining running shoes for every type of run on every type of surface. For taking to the trails, Modell’s offers durable, comfortable trail-running shoes that provide increased traction and stability when you’re trekking through the woods. For lean sprinting on pavement or tracks, Modell’s stocks lightweight runners that will push your speed to the next level.

To keep up your run, managing injury prevention is a must. Modell’s running shoes feature a variety of footwear technologies that are specialized to add additional ankle and arch support. Look for a toe box that provides ample room and allows the foot to flex, as well as an achilles notch that protects the all-so-important Achilles tendon.

Traction is also critical to preventing slips and falls; our running shoes are the pinnacle of traction innovation to survive the slickest of surfaces. We partner with brands that focus on maintaining your health and safety throughout the race.

With leading running brands like Nike Air Zoom, adidas Pureboost and ASICS GEL-Contend, Modell’s will keep your feet secured, comfortable, dry and stable while you tear through the track and win the race in style.