Baseball Cleats

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Baseball Cleats

To excel at America's past time, you need the right gear to get on base. Protective batting helmets, leather fielding gloves, aluminum bats, all of these are vital to your performance as a player. Still, nothing can compare to the impact that a dynamic pair of baseball cleats will have on your game. Modell's has you covered with the latest baseball cleats that offer a blend of sleek support and base-stealing traction that will elevate you to the next level of competition.

With all of the classic brands that you love, such as Nike, Under Armour and New Balance, Modell's takes action to get you cleats that will speed you up and keep you running. You can shop a variety of cleats with Modell's, including metal cleats for high school and college players, trainers and molded cleats that are designed for nearly any surface with a non-removable rubber molded cleat that can withstand the wear and tear of a full season.

We carry cleat configurations in low-cut, mid-cut and high-top baseball shoes. Our low-cuts are incredibly lightweight, perfect for extended agility and maneuvering on field to make legendary, game-saving catches. Our high-tops create additional support for the ankle, particularly useful when rounding the bases or chasing a fly ball. Mid-cut cleats offer a mix of the two, with a bit more support than the high-tops but not as lightweight as the low-cuts. Tune your cleat selection in with your position on the field.

Beyond support and speed, Modell's baseball cleats provide extended breathability through mesh inlays and moisture-wicking material choices. They're comfortable and offer cushioning so your feet aren't dragging by the 7th inning stretch. Whatever the playing level, no matter the position, Modell's will help you knock your cleat selection out of the park for the upcoming season.