Athletic Backpacks

Do your children need a better way to lug their sports equipment from the classroom to the practice field? Are you tired of fumbling with your basketball or soccer ball on your way to the weekly pickup game? Maybe you just need a place to store your keys, wallet and change of clothes while you play? Modell’s Sporting Goods has athletic backpacks designed for the athlete on the move. From sporty sackpacks for any occasion, to small, medium, large and extra-large backpacks that will fit your sports apparel and accessories, we have the mobile storage you need to get from Point A to Point B. 


If you’re a basketball player heading to a game at the gym, a basketball-specific sports backpack is the ideal option for storing your athletic clothing and basketball shoes in one convenient, easy-to-carry bag. With separate storage compartments for shoes, and even compartments in larger bags for a ball itself, it’s the only way to stroll down the street in style. 


Looking for a more fashionable, discreet athletic backpack to grab as you’re heading out the door? Try a sackpack. This drawstring-tied, mesh and nylon option is non-rigid so it can conform to storing whatever the day may bring. 


Maybe you’d like to outfit the whole team with a traveling pack? Check out some of our training sports backpacks from brands like Nike and adidas that are functional, but just as well come in a diverse variety of color schemes to match your team or school’s. 


We also partner with outdoor backpack brands like The North Face, Outdoor Products and JanSport to bring you the ultimate daypack for a quick hiking getaway. So whether you’re spending a day on the court, in th