Drawstring Backpack

Are you in need of a smaller bag to safely store things like your wallet, cell phone and maybe a spare change of clothing when you go off to practice? Don’t have any pockets on your team uniform and want something sporty for your personal on-the-go storage? A drawstring backpack might be the ideal solution to your problem, and nobody does sackpacks quite like Modell’s Sporting Goods! Serving the purpose of being both functional and fashionable, a cinch bag is great for tossing whatever small items you may need to carry in one spot and moving on with your day. 


The typical drawstring backpack will feature one large compartment (the “sack”), where most of your belongings can be stored and accessed with ease. A drawstring closure cinches everything up, and often the drawstrings function as the back straps to go around your shoulders. Some cinch bags feature additional mesh side pockets for items like water bottles, or a zipper pocket to separate your bigger and smaller items. It can be as simple as one solid sack compartment, and complex as having four or five different pockets! 


In terms of style, the drawstring backpack is the perfect outlet for creativity. Some of our options come uniform in a variety of color schemes to match your team’s. Others feature stylish color arrangements from muted tones to vibrants hues, depending on your style and personality. We also carry cinch bags that flaunt the colors and logos of your favorite professional sports teams or international competitors, a great way to highlight your fandom. 


By partnering with classic brands recognized across the world, such as adidas, Under Armour and Nike, we’ve put together a collection of drawstring backpacks that will light up the sidelines. Shop at Modell’s and find the definitive sackpack for your style today!